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Yura-sama's Blog 2008/02/15
sithkittie wrote in otokomae
Number 35

Hey. At last we come to "ONE PIECE." Um... I don't think I've written about this one. You all already know it I think. It's incredibly popular, huh? It's amazing that there are so many stories that move you. nn~ As an individual, I like Chopper. He's 28 and looks like a plushie and I suddenly think "Aw, Cute..." It's kinda' embarassing, but. Certainly shounen manga's main characters are clumsy, not too bright, but prefer things straight forward don't they. When this kind of manga gets popular it gives me some relief. I think "Now and in the past, the hero-image children admire hasn't changed."

I'm looking forward to after this. That is there are still mysteries left, so this manga looks like it will become long! I'm hoping for it!


I remembered this time. Because I'm a flake, and I'm used to posting in dacco_fans for lida's blog pretty much every day, I am posting Yura-sama's there whenever he posts, so I'll post here when I remember too, but I'm more likely to be posting over there. ... cause I'm a flake. ^^;


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