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Dacco Meet and Greet
Kamiyama White
rininjapan wrote in otokomae
It was the Dacco Meet and Greet event today. I was so paranoid about being there on time that I caught a cab into town only to arrive far too early.

I woke around midday to write a letter and make a present to give to Yura-sama. (Unfortunately I didn't get time to write one to Lida - I'm very slow at writing Japanese and have to pencil it all first.) With the letter I included copies of pictures of my home city back in Australia but that wasn't the main feature.

Some may remember or have seen this video:

Well I made a DVD version of it for You-Know-Who. When I first made the video, I never thought I'd actually be giving it to the real person! (^_^) I'll get to that later.

About half an hour before the semi-private event started (only about 20 girls were there this time,) two organizers collected questions which were to be written on the lower part of our tickets. My question was, "The show last night was fantastic. Who comes up with and decides on the setting (story), contents and the dances?"

Finally we were allowed in and entered according to the number on our tickets. I had bought Dacco's new single the day it had come out so I was lucky number 7 and got to move right up to the front. We all sat on the (hopefully clean) floor and waited a bit more. The girl in front of me was really nervous and kept wiping her hands on her little towel, which made me nervous and I pulled out my new black Dacco towel to do the same.

About ten minutes over time, Lida and Yura-sama joined us. They were seated at a table at the front with a couple of microphones for them to use. Unfortunately I sat right below the speaker and it was pretty hard for me to make out some of the conversation because it was so damn loud. But I'll note down what I remember.

There was a long conversation about either Moriken or Wasshoi (sorry don't know much about the dancers) being obsessed with the latest Monster Hunter game on the PSP. It was to the point where he apparently once fell asleep face first on a couch still holding his noisy PSP in his hands. (It was funny when Lida was telling this story because he forgot the word for "screen" and after Yura-sama prompted him, Yura-sama was like, "Since when don't you know what a screen is? That's just bad.")

Another story involving Lida (actually Lida did most of the story-telling, probably because he's such a strange guy) was about him wanting to eat at crowded places in Fukuoka. He thinks a crowd means good food. However, he gets fed up quickly with crowds and waiting and usually just goes to the convenience store for food. Though if he can, he loves eating the famous ramen (noodles) and mentai (a spicy red thing) whenever he comes to Fukuoka.

Another question asked was, "Have you both been to Mandarake yet?" (It's a huge manga and goods building in Fukuoka.) Lida said he'd been too busy doing everyone's laundry to go (apparently it takes him three hours to do one set because one wash and tumble doesn't seem to do the job.)

Question: What animals do you like? (Yes the boys both paused and looked at each other, with the randomness of this question.)
Lida: Anything with fur. If frogs had fur I'd like frogs too.
Yura-sama: I don't wanna see a frog with fur.
MC: Neither do I.
Lida: I think it'd be really cute.
MC: Okay. But what's your favorite furry animal?
Lida: Cats.
MC: But there are some furless cats too.
Lida: They're an exception. I like all kinds of cats, including big cats. I like Siberian Tigers.
MC: So you like zoos?
Lida: And aquariums.
MC: But fish don't have fur.
Lida: I still like them.
Yura-sama: I think it's creepy but I'm sure you'd love to see a furry fish.
Lida: Yeah. That'd be nice.
MC: How about Yura-sama?
Yura-sama: There just aren't any animals I don't like. Then again I've never had a pet so I don't know that much about animals. (I'm pretty sure that's what he said.) It's not that I have a favorite. It's just that there aren't any animals I don't like.

Question: There are a lot of songs that are specifically about Lida. Is there any chance of a Yura-sama only set?
Yura-sama: No. Don't think so.
MC: Okay, no. Let's move on to the next question.
Lida: Now wait a second. I'm sure there's a chance.
Yura-sama: Nah, I don't think so.
MC: Could it be your next single?
Lida: Yeah, the first track, *waves his hand across like announcing the name of a brilliant plan* "Yura-sama". Second track, *waves his hand* "Yura-sama." And the third track,
Lida and Yura-sama: "Yura-sama."
MC: And the title of the single is,
MC, Lida, Yura-sama: "Yura-sama."
*everyone laughs*
Yura-sama: I don't think so.

Finally the MC pulled out my question. Apparently Yura-sama is the one who organizes pretty much the entire show. Lida gives his nod of approval though.
MC: So you don't really do anything, Lida?
Lida: Hey I do the laundry.
Yura-sama: And play Monster Hunter with the guys.

There were other questions but I unfortunately can't remember them all. When question time was finished, it was time for presents and handshaking. Now I had been sitting barely two meters (six feet) away from Yura-sama the entire time and had relaxed quite nicely as I eyed his pretty face, but when it came to actually talking to him and shaking his hand I was suddenly so nervous.

It was the same for everyone because even though we lined up, no one wanted to go first. The staff opened the curtain behind the table for us to file out of once done but she had to prompt us to actually start!

My turn finally came and my heart was pounding. Lida was first and I thought, "I better say something or he won't know what to do since I'm a foreigner." I said to him, "Thanks for the great show last night." I'm sure the way I said it must have seemed a bit bizarre but he said thank you anyway.

Then it came to Yura-sama (I'm grinning as I type this!) I gave him the DVD and letter (it felt odd because he'd been getting large presents in fancy bags from other girls.) He seemed a little confused at first but graciously took it and then we shook hands and I blurted out exactly what I'd planned. "Thank you for the great show last night. You really are a very beautiful person." (-.-;) *headdesk* Oh well at least I said it. I won't forget the semi-confused but warm smile he gave me as he peered out from under his black beret and said, "Thanks. Please come again okay."

There was one other little thing. I think my handshake was rather rushed because I gave a brief shake and was about to let go and pull away but he didn't let go. It was like he saw I was nervous and just wanted to make sure it was a good shake. I did put my other hand over his and gave another firm shake and then we parted. I know I'm making a big deal out of a small thing but don't get the wrong idea. I think it was the result of a lot of confusion and nervousness on both parts really.

Anyway, I didn't look back as I left the area. I went down one level, bought two Dacco CDs from the music store sponsoring the event, then left the building crazily excited. I even called a friend out of the blue with just the need to boast to someone. On a natural high I spent the night playing in game centers and going to karaoke before finally arriving home close to midnight.

What a day! And to think I may have a driving test tomorrow.

Thank you Yura-sama! Thank you Lida! You both have my full support from now on! (^_^)

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Na, i totally understand your feelings!!!!
Don't feel embarassed about calling him a beautiful person- I asked him to marry me! XD Though that was more of a joke...

Yeah well I was about 100% serious until I actually blurted it out. It's not that I didn't mean it, it's just that it came out like I'd been thrown on a stage in front of a crowd of millions, spat out my one line ever-so-nervously, then tried to escape off stage before there was even a reaction. Yura-sama didn't allow me to escape so easily though and made sure I heard his thanks.

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