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If anybody's interested, I went to this last night. It's not a review so much as a summary and my reaction to the play...thing, whatever it was. Anyway, I don't want to repost it here, and it has spoilers and some not-child-friendly language, so here's the link to the post in my journal. They're done with the show for now. There's another one in December, but I'm not sure who all will be in it, they just gave the date at the end. But yeah, it was so worth seeing. Cracked out acid-trip of a dream, but I will never be able to listen to Requiem and not bust out into giggles ever again. I'm really regretting not getting the photo book.

Anyway, yeah, I just thought I'd share that. I'm still giggling about it today. I'm pretty sure that's something I'll be giggling about for a very long time. There was mention of a DVD before the show, but nothing set. I really REALLY hope they make one.

Also, if anybody knows anything about アラスタのテーマ, aside from the CDs, I'm still trying to find stuff on them, or rather what they were doing. I'm pretty sure it's the same people that are in カイザー・リッター, Makoto, Gensui, Yuraサマ, a lot of the names are the same.

~I'm posting this is a couple of fan communities... sorry if you see it more than once >・<~

1-6-2010 Yura-sama's Blog

The dates for Dacco's instore events have been decided ~ As we do the spring tour circuit, we'll be going around the stores as well, so please come by~.

Dacco NEW miniAlbum「Fresh and Energy」 Talk and Handshake Instore event Schedule!!
●4-18(Sun)Sendai little HEARTS.「Talk and Handshake」3PM ~
●4-25(Sun)Fukuoka SKULL ROSE「Talk and Handshake」3PM~
●4-30(Fri)Like an Edison Osaka Store「Talk and Handshake」6PM~
●5-3(Mon)Like an Edison Nagoya Store「Talk and Handshake」3PM~
●5-9(Sun)Like an Edison Tokyo Store「Talk and Handshake」3PM~

Dacco Spring 5 Cities One-man Concert Tour
「Fresh & Energy ~ Concert Chapter~」
2010.4.17(Sat)@HOOK SENDAI
2010.4.24(Sat)@Fukuoka DRUM SON
2010.5.1(Sat)@Osaka KNAVE
2010.5.2(Sun)@Nagoya ell.size
2010.5.8(Sat)@Takadanobaba AREA

【Tickets】Pre-purchased\3500(tax incl.)Drink Separate\500
More details as it gets closer!!

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Well, I decided to go ahead and make a community myself for Yurasama's band, brother.


Please do join and check them out 8D

Its not a particularly impressive community but hey, theyre only indie LOL >>

Dacco Meet and Greet
Kamiyama White
It was the Dacco Meet and Greet event today. I was so paranoid about being there on time that I caught a cab into town only to arrive far too early.

Dacco: Live in Fukuoka!
Kamiyama White
I just came home from the Dacco concert in here in Fukuoka. At first I was really nervous about going in because it was held in this back lot kind of place and when I entered it was more like a club. I knew it was a standing event but I thought the venue might have been a bit bigger. There were about 50 people, 99% of which were girls. What surprised me the most though was the utter closeness of the stage (yes, I was very slow to realize and go, "OH MY GOD! THAT'S the stage!") Even standing at the back of the audience area I couldn't have been any more than 5 meters (16 feet) away from it.

Yura-sama's Blog 2008/02/15
Number 35

Hey. At last we come to "ONE PIECE." Um... I don't think I've written about this one. You all already know it I think. It's incredibly popular, huh? It's amazing that there are so many stories that move you. nn~ As an individual, I like Chopper. He's 28 and looks like a plushie and I suddenly think "Aw, Cute..." It's kinda' embarassing, but. Certainly shounen manga's main characters are clumsy, not too bright, but prefer things straight forward don't they. When this kind of manga gets popular it gives me some relief. I think "Now and in the past, the hero-image children admire hasn't changed."

I'm looking forward to after this. That is there are still mysteries left, so this manga looks like it will become long! I'm hoping for it!


I remembered this time. Because I'm a flake, and I'm used to posting in dacco_fans for lida's blog pretty much every day, I am posting Yura-sama's there whenever he posts, so I'll post here when I remember too, but I'm more likely to be posting over there. ... cause I'm a flake. ^^;

Yura-sama's Blog 2008/01/31
Number 32

Eh?? What's this? The last few days of information has disappeared?? Mo~, I really don't understand computers!! That kinda ticks me off. The entries introducing "Berzerk" and "Psychometrer EIJI" are gone! That sucks. Anyway, next one is "Battle Royale." Nn, This is another one where I can't really say a whole lot about what I feel. The movie was also scary. Normal Japanese students do what? That part was strangely realistic, and scary. I don't want to try to get the main character's feeling. Well, everyone, let's stop hating people, okay? Not a good thing. Yup, yup.


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A video present!
Kamiyama White
Long time no post. I've finally finished my birthday present to YURA-sama which was started on September 17 this year. It's not great but it's full of my love. ^_^ Comments are more than welcome. Flames will be doused with my drool bucket!

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seal/badge help
I'm doing cosplay as Daishi from the Roman Hikou PV and I was wondering if anyone here knew where to buy or how to make the seal that he has on his blazer.



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