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A video present!
Kamiyama White
rininjapan wrote in otokomae
Long time no post. I've finally finished my birthday present to YURA-sama which was started on September 17 this year. It's not great but it's full of my love. ^_^ Comments are more than welcome. Flames will be doused with my drool bucket!

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Awww~ How cute!!! Thanks for your hard work! It's really good!

Thanks. Glad you liked it. ^_^

i really like this video. it has a freat atmosphere (and most of my favourite scenes with yura-sama^^) good job :))
i´d like to download this, is this ok? can i have teh direct youtube-link?

yo, question. the only scenes i couldn´t remember was the video where yura-sama is dressed in white, the one with the red subtitles. what was that again?^^°°

*greez* :)

Thanks for watching. Glad you liked it! ^_^

Pssst. Click here for a download or click here for Youtube. I don't have any better quality though because I was working with Youtube quality vids to begin with. However that also makes it a rather tiny file.

The scenes with Yura-sama dressed in a white suit with the red subtitles are from Dacco's video 'Dacco Ondou' is as the one with Yura-sama in a yukata, dancing behind Lida.

thx i take the MUL link :)))
a dacco stuff. i have almost nothing of them.^^ thx :)

Love your icon btw! Grinnind Yura-sama = FTW :D

hihi, thx.^^
i don´t have it on my disk now so i goodled it for u.
(in case u already have it ... let´s enjoy them wearing school uniforms^^)

Uuber hotness! Thanks for the pic! ^_^

yah this is so cool ^___^
it has so many uber cute shots from Yura<33
thanks for sharing ne~!

Thanks for watching!

I love the one where he's powdering his nose as he trots offstage in the silver outfit. ^_^

This is so sweet~! <3 It's so cute~! :D

Yay! Thanks for watching! ^_^

It's really great , thank you so much, A entire video on Yura-sama only goodness *.* XD

And the song is quite good, What is it?

The song is "Beautiful World" by Utada Hikaru which I edited to make shorter for the vid. I love it when she produces songs like this rather than her hip-hoppy stuff.

Oh and ! downloader the video to, so I can watch it over and over .My boyriend is goindg to be so tired of seeing this XD

Yes, well you may spark some jealousy. Yura-sama is rather cute! ^_~

How wonderful! This video made me fall in love with YuraSAMA all over again (and just when I thought I was over my little crush from high school too).

The song selection is beautiful too. The melody helps to enhance the overall mood to make it more surreal and the lyrics suit him to a T.

One last thing...That clip where he's at Metrocon para-paraing, I was there! After that he and Seek played a game of charades where their teams were people in the audience. I was in Seek's team and we won! (I also wispered to YuraSAMA to choose my friend in the 'aoi shaato' for his team.) Such good memories...

Thanks. Glad you liked it, and that it's brought you back to Yura-sama.

I knew about the charades thing at Metrocon, but YOU WERE THERE? I'm soooo jealous! Oh well, now that I live in Japan I've decided to see Yura-sama one way or another! XD Still so jealous though because I'll probably never get so close to him as you did! You whispered to him???? Damn you! XD XD XD

BTW Is he just as gorgeous up close?

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