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Yura-sama's Blog 2008/01/31
sithkittie wrote in otokomae
Number 32

Eh?? What's this? The last few days of information has disappeared?? Mo~, I really don't understand computers!! That kinda ticks me off. The entries introducing "Berzerk" and "Psychometrer EIJI" are gone! That sucks. Anyway, next one is "Battle Royale." Nn, This is another one where I can't really say a whole lot about what I feel. The movie was also scary. Normal Japanese students do what? That part was strangely realistic, and scary. I don't want to try to get the main character's feeling. Well, everyone, let's stop hating people, okay? Not a good thing. Yup, yup.


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....Why is he so weird? XD

I'm tempted to go back and translate some of the earlier entries... like when he broke his glasses... cause I was about on the floor laughing. (But I'm lazy so I probably won't unless I get really bored)

If he wasn't so wierd, I wouldn't love him so much. He's such a dork!


There was a girl who used to do it but I guess she just....stopped....

Here's a step by step of how he fixed them...

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

I can't say I'll go back and translate old ones, but I check his blog every day to see if he's updated (haha, yeah, cause he ever does -_-;;) so I figured I might as well share when he does.

Lol yah I saw that.

I was just like"....Did he just......use a hair clip to hold his glasses up?"

I'm always cheacking Dacco's blog (not that I can read them) because every now and again one of them will have a hilarious picture. More often than not Lida.

Lida's pictures terrify me............ then again Lida just kinda gives me the creeps. Not as bad as my friend though. She literally cowered when he looked at us at the concert. That was kinda funny. Poor Lida.

Lida does post a lot more often though. And as entertaining as it is to read about the manga and learn some of the extent of Yura-sama's dorkiness, the man has 2000 of those things, and I really hope he doesn't go through them all!

I think Dacco needs to do more just to keep Yura out of book stores.....

What a classic nerd.

And wow, I'm sorry to be spamming your post. XD Feel free to delete the comments if you need to.

Haha, I totally don't care! I'd probably roll my eyes and huff if nobody talked at all on my post.

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