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Dacco: Live in Fukuoka!
Kamiyama White
rininjapan wrote in otokomae
I just came home from the Dacco concert in here in Fukuoka. At first I was really nervous about going in because it was held in this back lot kind of place and when I entered it was more like a club. I knew it was a standing event but I thought the venue might have been a bit bigger. There were about 50 people, 99% of which were girls. What surprised me the most though was the utter closeness of the stage (yes, I was very slow to realize and go, "OH MY GOD! THAT'S the stage!") Even standing at the back of the audience area I couldn't have been any more than 5 meters (16 feet) away from it.

The show itself was fantastic. All five of them (including the three back up dancers) were great performers. The scenario was that the three dancers had found a wanted poster for Dacco and were going to get a LOT of gold for their capture. I won't spoil the plot but the music, lighting, comedy, talks, costumes, dancing - everything was fantastic! Lida and Yura-sama were wonderful in their revamped Black and White suits. They had a lot of added touches including sparkles, fluffy bits, more feathers, capes and chains.

To be honest, I only recently started listening to Dacco's music (though after tonight I'm thinking of getting more into it.) However, as soon as they walked on to that stage I couldn't tear my eyes away from Yura-sama. Lida could have stripped (which he sadly doesn't) and I still would have been glued to Yura-sama. I watch Psycho Le Cemu's "Gekiai Merry-go-around" PV almost everyday and I'll tell you right now, Yura-sama is about 100x more beautiful in the flesh than he is in photos and music videos. He is absolutely gorgeous (especially with his blond hair tied in a side ponytail,) so gorgeous in fact that at times I often forgot everyone was in the middle of a concert (and a funky dance routine) and just gazed at him on stage.

The audience was really hyped when Dacco first left the stage, leading to Dacco answering not 2 but 3 "Encore!" calls! The last one was really funny because everyone kept calling, "Lida" very sweetly to which Lida turned and said to Yura-sama, "Why don't they call 'Yura-sama' once in a while?" From then on, it wasn't "Li~da!" anymore, it was "Yura-sa~ma!" At first he didn't really know how to respond to the attention, and asked Lida to give him something to say. Lida whispered something in Yura-sama's ear a few times before a slightly shy Yura-sama started throwing his fist up and called to the crowd below. Needless to say, things really hyped up. They were absolutely exhausted by the end, and strongly but politely excused themselves to prevent another "Encore!" call.

After it all, I bought some Dacco goods. A mini-towel set - Black and White, and a set of photo postcards of the Dacco boys. Unlike when I had walked in, I was bursting with happiness when I left the back alley venue.

Tomorrow, Dacco has a Q&A meeting where they'll also be shaking hands with fans. It means I'll most likely be able to see Yura-sama again and this time I want to tell himself just how beautiful I think he is. Wish me luck!

(Lida wore the sunglasses throughout the entire show! I think by the end, Yura-sama probably wished he'd had his own pair!)

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Awwwww this makes me want to see Yura-sama "in the flesh" again!
They're both such charming musicians! <3

I'm glad you had a good time!!!

Thanks! They were great. I've still got the Q&A handshaking event to go to today. There's a present and some letters I want to give them. I hope I can.

By the way, I was really tired last night, still am, but is "in the flesh" really such a strange phrase to use??? Everyone's picking up on it and I've been speaking Japanese for so long that I can't think of a better way to say it! ^^;

I would use "in the flesh" in your situation.

I hear it all the time!

Awww that sounds like fun! D'X

I want to go to a Dacco live so bad!!!

AHHHH, it's been almost 2 years since I last saw YURAsama and Lida!
I wish I could've been there!

I can't wait for my first time to see Yura-sama "in the flesh". :>

I was really tired last night, still am, but is "in the flesh" really such a strange phrase to use??? Everyone's picking up on it and I've been speaking Japanese for so long that I can't think of a better way to say it! ^^;

It makes perfect sense, really. At least I think so. It's just not something you hear everyday, but I think it sounds a lot better than 'in person'. Then again, I'm also weird, too. >.>

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