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1-6-2010 Yura-sama's Blog
sithkittie wrote in otokomae

The dates for Dacco's instore events have been decided ~ As we do the spring tour circuit, we'll be going around the stores as well, so please come by~.

Dacco NEW miniAlbum「Fresh and Energy」 Talk and Handshake Instore event Schedule!!
●4-18(Sun)Sendai little HEARTS.「Talk and Handshake」3PM ~
●4-25(Sun)Fukuoka SKULL ROSE「Talk and Handshake」3PM~
●4-30(Fri)Like an Edison Osaka Store「Talk and Handshake」6PM~
●5-3(Mon)Like an Edison Nagoya Store「Talk and Handshake」3PM~
●5-9(Sun)Like an Edison Tokyo Store「Talk and Handshake」3PM~

Dacco Spring 5 Cities One-man Concert Tour
「Fresh & Energy ~ Concert Chapter~」
2010.4.17(Sat)@HOOK SENDAI
2010.4.24(Sat)@Fukuoka DRUM SON
2010.5.1(Sat)@Osaka KNAVE
2010.5.2(Sun)@Nagoya ell.size
2010.5.8(Sat)@Takadanobaba AREA

【Tickets】Pre-purchased\3500(tax incl.)Drink Separate\500
More details as it gets closer!!


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