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Nana O. - Smoke
Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time call--er, poster.

I have a small request/question. I've been taunted by one of Yura-Sama's song from Alaister(sp?) called Labyrinth. I received it through a friend of mine and became addicted to his voice (One more thing to be addicted to. Oh noes!). After getting all the Dacco songs/albums I could get a hold on, it left me wondering if there was anymore songs from the plays that I couldn't find.

So my question is this! Does anyone have more Yura-Sama songs from his Play(s)? Or know where I could get a hold of anymore? I would be DEEPLY grateful!!

Selling: Psycho le Cemu Tour Postcards
Jun Shibata - Flower
(If this kind of post isn't allow, please delete it)

For anyone interested, I'm selling some Psycho le Cemu Tour postcards (2002-2003). Please take a look.

The Cards...Collapse )

Happy Birthday YURA-SAMA!
Kamiyama White
I know it's a little early for some of us around the globe, but it's currently 10:09PM Wednesday 12th September here in Japan. It is officially Yura-sama's birthday in his own country and I hope he's still having a good one. Although I've been fooling around most of the day trying to download videos so I can make a fan-vid as my present to him (and this community,) I stumbled upon another realization - 24 hours ago, I didn't even know Yura-sama's name. Therefore, while I will continue to work hard on my video, for now I wish to offer myself as a present - a brand new fan!

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sleepy timez

Dacco CD- Autographed twice ( lol..) by Yura-sama (This is a bidding item, If you would like to bid please leave a comment in my journal.) Bidding starts at 13$

*Diary Translation*
Hello there~ I just translated YURAsama's most recent diary entry (at my translation journal - 3v1lr3nd1t10ns) in which he recounts his run in with the police~ it's pretty funny in a it's-funny-because-its-not-me way.. but if I were him, I'd be really frustrated.. Anyway.. enjoy~!

* YURAサマ - Your Neighborhood Eavesdropper *
I translated one of YURAサマ's diary entries here~ 3v1lr3nd1t10ns
Please leave me comments~! *^^*

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I was talking to my friend the other day, and we were discussing Jrock fanfiction. Now as you know there are PLC fanfics but, how ofen do you ever see YuraxAnyone (or for that matter AnyonexYura)? I don't really think I've ever seen any.

If this isn't allowed delete it but I want to see if this kind of stuff actually exists.

Didn't check, but SCANS
This is from the October issue of SHOXX; I didn't check to see if anyone else posted them, so I apologize in advance:

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

X-posted to dacco_fans. Please credit me if used, thanks.

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Hello! I'm.. Relatively new to the community. Well, I've been a member a while, but haven't really posted. Anyway, I figured that now's a fine time to introduce myself.

I'm Sarah. I've been into Psycho le Cemu since around.. 2002, I think. A then livejournal friend got me into them. YURA sama has been my favorite member for quite some time. I love his narcissistic role, and the fact he's usually the butt of the joke despite it.

And I have have something to share (or possibly scare you with~). What else is there to do in the early morning hours aside from combining two of your favorite things.. Animal crossing and YURA sama.

I will never get this hour back. :DCollapse )

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Hey you guys...I have a question.....


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